Defective item received

We apologise if we had sent you a defective item. Please email our Customer Service at about it and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We will either replace the defective item upon return or issue you a Klarette website coupon with cash value.


Have an item you didn’t like?

At Klarette, we want to ensure that you love the items you purchased.

If you wish to return any items, please email our Customer Service Team within 7 calendar days at if you are seeking to return an item. Return postage costs will be at your expense.

For returns to be valid:

(a) You are required to produce your original Klarette invoice of your purchase with us;

(b) The item is is original saleable condition;

(c) All original tags, exterior and interior packaging, ribbons and boxes are intact for item(s) due for returning;

(d) Return item(s) must be unworn;

(e) Return item(s) must be in the exact original condition as received; and

(f) Return item(s) must be purchased from us.

If you are not able to comply with the above requirements, Klarette reserves the right to refuse a return of items. In the event that you do not comply with the above requirements, you will bear all costs for the postage of the item back to you.

Returns are not allowed for all orders that have utilized any discount code on our website.

For all returns, we will only refund you with a Klarette website coupon with cash value.

All returns are final.


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