We believe in excellence and endeavour to create timeless masterpieces. After studying and surveying the products of several suppliers from all around the world, our choice was obvious. We decided on exceptional and high quality crystals from Austria.


Amongst these, it is not uncommon to find a piece that is Swarovski® Elements certified. This affirms the exceptional quality that we strive to deliver to our consumers and provides legitimacy to the timeless pieces that we offer.


Our jewellery also uses genuine and luxurious diamond simulants. These diamond simulants are handcrafted and chiseled to perfection. Our jewellery is also plated with a polished coat of precious rhodium, 18K gold or 18K rose gold. View our material guide below for more details.

  • swarovski


    Our Swarovski® crystals are of precise cuts. This is what gives our crystals its spectral brilliance and unparalleled shimmer.

  • diamonds-background


    Our diamond simulants are painstakingly cut and polished. To the naked eye, these gems are  indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

  • tumblr_mej64vsIqP1rlaporo1_1280


    Opals are known for their lustrous and rich play of colorings, giving any piece of jewellery unsurpassed splendor and versatility.

  • 18k GOLD

    Our 18k gold is comprised of 75% pure gold. The use of gold enables our jewellery to retain its classic and timeless elegance.

  • copper

    18k ROSE GOLD

    Our 18k rose gold combines 75% pure gold with silver and copper. The romantic hue of rose gold easily complements all skin tones.

  • gallium


    Rhodium is the world’s most precious metal. It is selected for our jewelry for its high reflectance and mirror-like appearance.


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